BTWGA Thursday NINER Games - Join the FUN! 

Regular weekly 9-Hole play occurs from May through September. In addition, there are several special BTWGA events/tournaments that will be held on additional days throughout the season. Thursday is the 9-Hole Play Day. Members reserve tee times via ForeTees. The Golf House provides a block of reserved tee times. The Nine Hole Group organizes its own games.

Click here to see BTWGA Standing Rules for 9-Hole Play


Save These Dates:  Niners are welcome to participate in the following special events. Sign-up will be on ForeTees under “Events.” During the season, check ForeTees for more information on these events.

  • Member-Member** (TBA)
  • Ladies Member-Guest** (TBA)
  • Fall Closer* (TBA)

Note: *  BTWGA Meeting Day

          ** Special NINER flight offered

Pace of Play

To ensure the best Pace of Play possible during special events and tournaments, we will have several gentle reminders in place this season:

  • A “Keep Up with the Group Ahead” reminder will be on all Rules Sheets.
  • A Pace of Play Timeline will be on all scorecards.
  • For any group out of position (1 open hole behind the group in front), there will be a red flag on the next tee box. This red flag is a reminder to pick up the pace of play and catch up to the group ahead.

Scorecards and Scoring Procedure 

For each play day, there will be an official “white” scorecard printed by the Golf House. At the conclusion of play, the game scorecard must be signed and attested, and turned into the Golf House. It is upon these scorecards that the End-of-Season Awards are determined. The Golf House will post ALL scores for BTWGA play.