The BTWGA organizes regular weekly 18-Hole play from May through September, as well as several special events/tournaments throughout the season. Click here to see the BTWGA Golf Calendar.


Members of the Eighteen Hole Group (18-HOLERS) will play a variety of games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click here to check out the BTWGA Game Formats. A minimum number of 8 players are required for a competition to be held and Sweeps (winnings) to be paid out. (For more information: Click here to see BTWGA Standing Rules for 18-Hole Play.

Tuesday Play will have a block of tee times provided by the Golf House. In addition, an 18-holer may play at any other time on Tuesday and still participate in the competition as long as:

  • You are playing with 1-3 other BTWGA members during an Individual format competition.
  • You are playing with 2 other BTWGA members during a Partner (2 person) format competition.
  • Your dated, signed and attested scorecard is turned into the Golf House by the end of play the same day.


Thursday Play is the main BTWGA Play Day and will include one of the following:

  • Individual, partner or 4-person team competitions during a block of reserved tee times provided by the Golf House.
  • Hit and Giggle (non-posting) games: Once a month (except for May and August), there will be an ABCD team Scramble or Shamble competition. Shotgun start with lunch and general meeting following play. Sign-up will be on ForeTees under “Events.”
  • Special Events/Tournaments: All BTWGA major events (except the Ladies Club Championship) will have shotgun starts. Sign-up will be on ForeTees under “Events.”


Sign-Up Procedure

  • For Tuesday and Thursday play, members will sign-up online through the Broken Top Club website, using the ForeTees system. 
  • Individual Competitions: On ForeTees, you may sign-up in any open slot.
  • Partner Format Competitions: On ForeTees, you or your partner may sign-up for the both of you. If you would like to be paired up with another twosome, please use the “Note to Pro” field to add your pairing request. (Example:  Please pair Amy W and Betty X with Carol Y and Debbie Z.) If you do not have a request, the Golf House will pair you with another twosome.
  • Team (4 Person) Competitions: On ForeTees, one player may sign up 1, 2, 3 players or the entire 4-person team.
  • Would like to play, but need a partner:  The Golf House will maintain a list of ladies who would like to play in the partner format competitions but are not yet teamed up. Please contact the Golf House, and the staff can help pair you up.


Pace of Play

To ensure the best Pace of Play possible during special events and tournaments, we will have several gentle reminders in place this season:

  • A “Keep Up with the Group Ahead” reminder will be on all Rules Sheets.
  • A Pace of Play Timeline will be on all scorecards.
  • For any group out of position (1 open hole behind the group in front), there will be a red flag on the next tee box. This red flag is a reminder to pick up the pace of play and catch up to the group ahead.


Scorecards and Scoring Procedure 

For each Play Day, there will be an official “white” scorecard printed by the Golf House. At the conclusion of play, the game scorecard must be signed and attested, and turned into the Golf House. It is upon these scorecards that the End-of-Season Awards are determined. The Golf House will post ALL scores for BTWGA play.


Competition Payout Guidelines

The goal is to award a minimum of 1/3 of the field. For Individual competitions, the guideline is:1/3 to Gross Winners and 2/3 to Net winners. There will be equal payouts for 1st Gross/Net, 2nd Gross/Net, 3rd Gross/Net, etc. (Note: Skins competitions will not be subject to the 1/3 Gross and 2/3 Net guideline. The Skins pot will be split 50/50 for Gross and Net Skins winners.)